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Tests and Diagnostic Techniques

Vitamin and Mineral Analysis:

There are various ways to analyze vitamins and minerals in the body. Some of these tests include easy assays the doctor can perform right in the office. Other tests include blood tests and hair analysis for nutritional elements.

Blood Tests

Conventional labs can measure various minerals and vitamins in the blood. Blood tests are not accurate for measuring toxic exposure of heavy metals or to evaluate total body mineral levels. The body maintains mineral bloods levels in a steady state taking from body stores as needed.

Hair Analysis

Hair Analysis is perhaps the best specimen through which to evaluate mineral imbalances. It provides good long-term exposure assessment, is non-invasive and inexpensive. Mineral concentrations in hair accurately indicate past ingestion or exposure. Hair concentrations for elements are relatively high compared with blood or urine, thereby improving analysis. Because of the exposure of hair follicles to the blood supply during growth, element concentrations of the hair reflect concentrations in other body tissues.

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