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Botanical (Herbal) Medicine

Naturopathic doctors are trained in the scientific and functional use of botanicals. They are also familiar with drug - herb interactions. Botanical medicine is a powerful therapy that often does not produce the unwanted side effects of prescription drugs. It is believed this occurs because of the natural balance of constituents in plants that provide stimulation of healing without a unidirectional, mechanistic effect.

The “Vital Force”, recognized by Eastern cultures as chi, prana, and life force maintains bodily functions, balance or homeostasis. The results of this vital force are balance of blood pressure, blood sugar, hormonal balance and others. Botanical medicines help to stimulate the vital force of the body, guiding it to restore balance to these bodily functions.

More that 80 million Americans turn to complementary medicine each year. Much of the world’s population relies on traditional medicines such as plant extracts. Naturopathic physicians are skilled experts at prescribing the type and dose of botanical medicines for each individual’s needs.

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